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Canadian 1936 Dot Cent

Legendary 1936 Candian Dot Cent
Finest of Three Known

Heritage Auction Galleries sold this Legendary 1936 Candian Dot Cent on January 2, 2010 for $402,500.00 (including buyers premium).   Heritage describes this coin as follows:

Amongst the most famous rarities in Canadian numismatics, struck in 1937 prior to the creation of coinage dies for George VI but never released for circulation, the 1936-dated Dot cent has seen its reputation grow exponentially since its discovery. It was long considered essentially uncollectible, since noted numismatist John Jay Pittman had held all three known examples from 1961 until his death, but the three-part auction of his collection brought all three back onto the market: the first in October 1997 and the other two (including this piece) in August 1999. The three 1936 Dot Cents, now well-scattered, generate great excitement whenever one appears on the auction block. </blockquote>

Photos of the Legendary 1936 Candian Dot Cent

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Canadian 1936 Dot Cent    Canadian 1936 Dot Cent    

Video Description of the Legendary 1936 Candian Dot Cent 

Video Description of the Canadian 1936 Dot Cent

Images Courtesy of: Heritage Auction Galleries,, Copyright Heritage Auction Galleries.  Used with permission.

Coin Series Specifications

DescriptionCanada Cent 1920-1936
RulerGeorge V
Coinage TypeCirculation Coinage
MintRoyal Canadian Mint
Weight3.24 g
Diameter19.10 mm
Edge TypePlain
Description ObverseKing's bust left
Description ReverseDenomination above date, leaves flank
Designer ObverseE. B. MacKennal
Designer ReverseFred Lewis

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